Here’s What No One Tells You About Greenvale Dentist

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Going to the dentist is one of the most traumatic, nerve racking experiences you can go through according to my humble opinion. Unfortunately for dentists; I am not the only one with this response. What is it that brings on this irrational fear for a man who is trying his best to assist you in your hour of need; do I doubt his integrity, ethics or business practice?  Or is the simple fact just that I am afraid of what I cannot control?

Does my dentist see me as a patient, or an easy way to ensure a carefree pension?

Is my dentist concerned about me; or does he believe that time is money like the rest of the world?  I want a Greenvale dentist​ that will sit and place me at ease first, remember me from a previous appointment and know that my fears of trusting him are real.  So, is it about me or my money?

How qualified is he on the newest up to date procedures?

Where did he learn the newest surgical procedures?  Does he have some practical experience on this procedure, or am I just the one to be the first Guiney pig of a new technique?  In that case I sincerely hope I will be getting some cash discount as I seem to be a test subject.

Is he looking at the overall health of my mouth, or just patching the necessary?

Is my dentist working with a long term plan to get my mouth and teeth in good order; or is he playing Russian roulette in my mouth, just fixing what is broken and ensuring that I will be coming back again and again?

Do I really get what I pay for?

If I pay for an expensive procedure like a crown, am I really getting a good quality product?  Or did the dentist outsource to a below standard technician, get the product at a below cost rate and then charge me for a premium product?  Where does my dentist cut costs to make it more profitable?  Am I being lied to about products and services?

Private patients versus medical aid

Is there a standard rate for a procedure or are you being charged a rate that is totally ridiculous because your insurance company will pay?  Correct me if I am wrong but this sounds like fraud to me.


What may the dental assistant do?

The procedures that an assistant may do vary from country to country.  Some dentists do misuse their assistants by giving them tasks they are not qualified for and should not be allowed to do.

Is the equipment sterilized and in perfect working condition?  Do I feel comfortable and at ease in my dentist office?  Am I happy with the way I am being treated?  Before you decide who you entrust your dental care to, do some research, talk to friends and make an educated choice.  What are the factors that are important to you?  Make sure you and your dentist understand each other. 

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