Get Your Toes Tapping With The South Burnett’s All-Time Favourite Bush Band!

band400-30The Barker’s Creek Bush Band is a versatile four piece band of talented musicians whose instruments include banjo, mandolin, fiddle, acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, T Chest bass and harmonica.
The band’s sound is enhanced by backing music which provides the drums and keyboard. Our sound is full and lively to give our audiences a complete big band sound.

The Band has been together since 2000. Our musical repertoire includes Australiana, Irish, Bluegrass,Country Rock and popular Rock & Roll.

The band also hold bush dances where we instruct the audience in simple dance steps and create fun nights for children based on games set to Irish music.

The band has toured extensively through the South Burnett, the broader Wide Bay region, Toowoomba and Brisbane. Our music is for all ages and suits fundraisers, heritage days, open days, festivals and carnival events, parties and bush dances.

harmonica200Highlights for the band have been performances at the 2000 Olympic Torch Lighting Ceremony in Kingaroy, the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, the Jondaryan Woolshed, lots of Australia Day parties, St Patrick’s Day Celebrations and the Heritage Open Days at Ringfield House in Nanango and Heritage House at Yarraman.

Please explore our website to find out more about what the band’s currently doing and where we’re playing next; our new CD; how to contact us to arrange a booking; and great links that will help you find out more about where we live and the things that interest us!

Put Up a Comfortable Restaurant and bar with the help of sunshine coast air conditioning company

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The Sunshine Coast of Australia has a sunny weather almost all the year round. It is thus a very popular tourist destination in Australia. This area has all forms of urban attractions besides the natural ones. You can thus get wet and hot in the warm sand and cool off in a luxurious waterfront hotel or restaurant. Many of the tourists are from richer sector of the society and expect a high grade dining experience. So if you are in restaurant business on the Sunshine coast, you need to know and deploy the best possible air conditioning system to thrive in this business. 

There are several air conditioning companies doing business in the Sunshine coast area like Sunshine Coast air conditioning company , Temper Troops and others. They have a reputation to preserve. They usually sent one of their employees to the restaurant unit. He will survey the circuits and the building and the space and will suggest the perfect kind of air conditioning system.  

Following are the four essential parameters while choosing an air conditioning system for a restaurant:

  1. Energy efficiency: This is one of the most important factors to consider because the appliance will used for a large hours every day. There are many makes that are not based on CFC and are hence environment friendly. Many restaurant owners are choosing on this variety to cut on the emission of Freon gas helping the planet to heal. Another great choice in this aspect is the heat pump air conditioning system. They have minimum power consumption.
  2. Aesthetics is also important. The air conditioning system should not look out of the place. There are many companies who manufacture air conditioning systems with a lot of focus on the look and the aesthetics.
  3. Air tightness is another important feature that should be taken care of while buying an air conditioning system for a restaurant. This means all the dust and grime from the outside air will be hermetically sealed from leaking into the restaurant space.
  4. There are various categories and kinds of air conditioning system that might be perfect for a restaurant. There are two basic kinds suitable for this purpose:
  1. Split air conditioning installations: These are wall mounted system. One or multiple indoor vents supported by a single outside unit or condenser.
  2. Packaged air conditioning system: These units come with a high efficiency heat pump. They have inbuilt ceramic heaters that are heavy duty and they provide seamless heating and cooling year after year.  Various types of colours and designs are available in this category to suit to the décor of the eating joint or restaurant.   


What kind of company should be chosen to buy an air conditioning for restaurants?

  1. The dealer should be locally owned and should have services in the neighborhood.
  2. The company should be able to provide repair services.
  3. Reputation of the company is another decisive parameter.


The Real Reason Your removalists in caloundra Doesn’t Work

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When you are having a sudden transfer from your work or you may have a desire to change the city, you have to move your house. Actually you don’t have any other options than to move your house to the new place. For the purpose you would require the services of a removalist company. These days there are numerous companies available offering removalist services but all companies are not the same. Some companies are professional while some are just amateur. The amateur companies are often not working for you because of several reasons. Some of the reasons are explained in the proceeding paragraphs.

Background Check

One of the foremost reasons why your removalists service doesn’t work is that you might not have performed the background check. You must know about the company before you opt the services of the removalists in Caloundra For instance, if the removalists don’t have papers which shows its registration with government authorities and necessary certificates, then you must not hire its services. The background check of the removalist company is as important as you need food to survive.


You must ask for the recommendations from your friends, colleagues, and family members because they are someone who would give you honest opinion. Whether they have used the services of removalists or not, but they can surely assist you well. Your friends can have a background check of the company for you and then let you know of its standard and quality. Therefore you must take under consideration the recommendations of your friends and family members.

Mentioning your Furniture and other Goods

One of the major reason why the removalist services are not working for you is either you forget to mention the furniture size or you don’t mention it deliberately. The removalist companies are arranging trucks on the basis of goods you mention before them. Therefore, if you haven’t mentioned heavy furniture of huge weight and size, might result in the failure of the services you hire. This is because the company might arrange a vehicle small or big for your goods which may cause damage to your valuables.

Going through Details

Going through the details of your stuff at home is a very necessary task to do. This is because if you have noticed the big items before but didn’t notice the small items in your house which will create trouble in handling when truck arrives. Hence, you need to go through the details of the entire items that you want to move to new place.

Looking for too Cheap Services

Some of us may be choosing the removalists based on per hour or onetime fee. Therefore you must not hire the services of the companies who are willing to offer you their services for cheaper rates in the last minutes of deal. This is either because their services are not of good standard or they will make delays in the transit time. Therefore, it is recommended to go for hiring the services of the company which has moderate rates and transit time.


10 Must Know Tips If You Want To Avoid Failure In Wire Balustrades Promotion

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ou are running a balustrades business and you want to do the promotion of the balustrades, you will generate more sales and more profit as well! However, to ensure that the sales and the profits are generated just the way you want, you will need to promote the balustrades in the right way. There are various great tips to help your balustrade business out and get both the sales and the profit! This article will take a look at the 10 must know tips if you want to avoid failure in wire balustrades promotion.

10 must know tips if you want to avoid failure in wire balustrades promotion:

  • To avoid failure in the balustrades promotion, you will need to make the best offers of your balustrades to the customers. You can make these offers before any special occasions and for a certain period of time. Your offer should have a clear starting date and an end date, so that the customers will know when to come to get the balustrades.
  • You can offer the promotions of the balustrades in a number of ways! You can do offer discounts, coupons, reduction in the price etc. which will attract any customer to purchase your balustrades.
  • Another tip that you should definitely follow if you want to avoid failure for the promotion is to encourage your customers to take a look at your balustrades. To do this, you can hand out fliers, offer balustrades in reduced prices for a specific period of time and show the customers, why your balustrades are the best ones in the market that they could purchase.
  • You should market in a strategic manner In today’s digital age, if you want to promote your brand the right way, then you should take a look at various social media platforms, such as: facebook, twitter, instagram to promote your balustrades to the potential customers.
  • You should create a user friendly website for your business that will show the balustrade that the customer can get and the advantages of using it for their home or any other place. You can also list the previous customer testimonials in your website as well, which will help the potential customers to understand the value of it and why they should purchase it.
  • Using bill board for promotion is another effective way if you want to promote your product to the potential customers. Make sure you put up the billboards for your balustrades in the places where there’s a lot of customer, who can spot your billboard poster the easy way.
  • Opting for advertising in the TV and radio for the balustrades is another great way to promote them to the potential customers.
  • Another effective way of promotion is to reward the previous and old customers who will be interested and updated about your products and will want to purchase from you.
  • When you are promoting the balustrade, make sure you list the information in simple language and easy to understand, which will attract the customers.
  • Opt for search engine ads and this way the potential customer will come across your ad when the keyword is used for searching for the product. 

Why balcony balustrade Sunshine Coast Had Been So Popular Till Now?

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There are several types of balustrades. There are varieties of designs made of different types of materials. It is common that you forget about the balcony after building a beautiful house. You never think of designing your balcony in an attractive way. This is when you are in need of a balcony balustrade Sunshine Coast

Balcony Balustrade

A balcony is a platform that prevents people from falling down. A balustrade is kind of railing or a barrier. A balustrade is a stick that supports balcony handrails. Balustrades give new appearance for your house. It gives beauty to interiors and exteriors.


Balustrades add beauty for your home, offices or whichever places you use balustrade. Follwing points give a clear picture of why balustrades are highly popular now:

  1. Your requirements vary with time. You can find your balustrade that matches with your needs and dreams wisely.
  2. By using balustrades for your staircase, it really gives amazing appearance for your interiors.
  3. If you have a wonderful balustrade balcony, you will get addicted to use such a balcony for having a cup of tea, for spending yourself alone watching beautiful view outside, for book reading and to enjoy weather.
  4. It provides security for your home.
  5. Balustrades are a better option for outdoor use.
  6. Wherever balustrades are placed, the area will look elegant.


There are several types of balcony balustrades available in market. Many balustrades of different materials are used in even in offices and many other places. Following are the most commonly used balcony balustrades:

  1. Glass Balustrades

It changes the whole outlook of your place after making use of glass balustrade. It is the commonly used balustrade.

  1. Wooden Balustrade

People are nowadays eco-friendly in nature and the usage of wood balustrades has lessened.Wooden balustrades look outstanding if used.

  1. Steel balustrades

Many designs of metal balustrades are available in market. It is highly reliable and durable.


It is very difficult to select the right balustrade for your area that suits your requirements. So it is inevitable to neglect the following factors associated with selection of right balustrade:

  1. Architecture of your home will define the design the right balustrade. Balustrades don’t look good if you have modern architectural design for your house.
  2. Balustrades will look great for staircases. A good option is glass balustrades.
  3. Balustrades will offer elegance if you have vintage architectural design.
  4. Balustrades need more space. So it will work out if you got a big house. A small house will require only simple design of balustrades.
  5. You should make sure of the height of balustrade needed for house.


Firstly you should select an appropriate design for your balustrade. You should check for more options and designs. Select the one that fits your requirements.

Next, you should organize and manage things accordingly by setting a budget. You can make use of expert’s advice. Lastly, you should know what kind of material you need for your balustrade. You should keep in mind that balustrades have advantages and disadvantages. So, select your balustrade wisely.

Here’s What No One Tells You About Greenvale Dentist

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Going to the dentist is one of the most traumatic, nerve racking experiences you can go through according to my humble opinion. Unfortunately for dentists; I am not the only one with this response. What is it that brings on this irrational fear for a man who is trying his best to assist you in your hour of need; do I doubt his integrity, ethics or business practice?  Or is the simple fact just that I am afraid of what I cannot control?

Does my dentist see me as a patient, or an easy way to ensure a carefree pension?

Is my dentist concerned about me; or does he believe that time is money like the rest of the world?  I want a Greenvale dentist​ that will sit and place me at ease first, remember me from a previous appointment and know that my fears of trusting him are real.  So, is it about me or my money?

How qualified is he on the newest up to date procedures?

Where did he learn the newest surgical procedures?  Does he have some practical experience on this procedure, or am I just the one to be the first Guiney pig of a new technique?  In that case I sincerely hope I will be getting some cash discount as I seem to be a test subject.

Is he looking at the overall health of my mouth, or just patching the necessary?

Is my dentist working with a long term plan to get my mouth and teeth in good order; or is he playing Russian roulette in my mouth, just fixing what is broken and ensuring that I will be coming back again and again?

Do I really get what I pay for?

If I pay for an expensive procedure like a crown, am I really getting a good quality product?  Or did the dentist outsource to a below standard technician, get the product at a below cost rate and then charge me for a premium product?  Where does my dentist cut costs to make it more profitable?  Am I being lied to about products and services?

Private patients versus medical aid

Is there a standard rate for a procedure or are you being charged a rate that is totally ridiculous because your insurance company will pay?  Correct me if I am wrong but this sounds like fraud to me.


What may the dental assistant do?

The procedures that an assistant may do vary from country to country.  Some dentists do misuse their assistants by giving them tasks they are not qualified for and should not be allowed to do.

Is the equipment sterilized and in perfect working condition?  Do I feel comfortable and at ease in my dentist office?  Am I happy with the way I am being treated?  Before you decide who you entrust your dental care to, do some research, talk to friends and make an educated choice.  What are the factors that are important to you?  Make sure you and your dentist understand each other. 

The Ultimate Guide in Promoting The Business About Hire an Office Cleaner

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For you to make sure that your office cleaning business is successful, you must ensure that your employees are presentable and they carry the image that is also presentable to the society, in which you want to deliver your services. Your employees should also have the companies’ logo printed on their attires and also make sure that the equipment used in offering your services are in good condition and they are all working well to deliver the best quality services. Your business should also be insured, as in the case of any damage you may be compensated immediately. To ensure that your business is running smoothly you should hire an office cleaner​, this will enable you to maintain your clients, this is because incase a damage occurs and you’re not able to deliver your services, your clients will look for another company to deliver the services to them and by the time you are recovering from the losses it might be too late to get the clients back.

Make sure that you have a budget for the business promotion expenses so as not to abandon things half way and not meeting your expectations. Business promotion may include the services you offer to your clients, so you should make sure that you provide quality services to the clients, by satisfying your customers’ needs you will have other clients being referred to your business by those satisfied customers hence there will be need to expand your business so as to accommodate more customers.

Guidelines to promoting your business.

  1. Decide on the target market.

Focus on a certain area of expertise, improve your skills in this area so as you may be able to deliver quality services to your clients. This will enable your business to expand because most people like getting the best quality services.

  1. Start with a professional image.

The first impression to your customers matters a lot, so make sure that your employees have all the equipment required in the cleaning process and also make sure they have clean uniforms. Their uniforms should have the company’s logo. Do make sure that you also provide the company’s phone number for direct interaction with your clients.

  1. Advertise your business on websites

Some of the advertising sites like yellow pages and also classifieds. You can create small advertisements, may be less than five sentences, mention the services that you are offering, you can leave your number for any interested client to call or enquire about anything about your business. You can also ask your satisfied customers to post a review on the quality of services you offer in your company. This will increase the curiosity of many people in your services.

  1. Establish your promotion goals

Know the changes that you would like to make in your business in order to improve the qualities of services to your customers. For example, you might decide to expand your business to other areas by opening a branch in those areas with similar business opportunity.

3 ways to have a more appealing under bench fridge bar for music bar

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There is some innovative ways to change the home interior and make it improved in the new way out. And a bar fridge can be a good addition to your home improvement. Occasional drinking and having party with friends and relatives is common to most of the domestics. And so the bar fridge can be the useful one which can give you the various advantages of having it for more benefits. How can a bar fridge be made more appealing is the main idea of this. Get the latest one and just decorate the home mini bar in the way once you ever dreamt of.

Know about the bar fridge

Actually what is a bar fridge? A bar fridge is nothing but a small or a mini fridge which has space perfectly for the drinks. One can use it for storing the fruit juices, soft drinks in case one needs a separate one for storing drinks. Moreover it is one of the best kinds to use while you are partying as it the guest can use it for the chilled drinks serving. For the drinks one has not to use the main fridge which can have the foods and other necessary edible things.

Solution for the party holders

So this mini fridge is the right solution for the party people. Most of the times, the party are being arranged at the lawns or outdoor deck. And that time the outdoor drinks counter can have this kind of fridge which even takes a very little space. The latest under bench fridge will take the space under the bench and thus separate usage of the space is avoided. And under bench bar fridge is also the most reliable in case you cannot have a bar fridge in an open arena. So it is an ultimate solution for your every problems and thus is the best ever addition in your home right now.

Choose form a wide variety

There are many kinds of bar fridges where you can choose it form from. There are single doors, two doors and even triple door option which will allow you to use the fridge more easily and conveniently. Thus most of the time, people prefer to have the under bench bar fridge whose top can easily be used as the table top for the drink serving. Thus it is the one which can be useful if you are having a party in small space yet not compromising.

Order it online for fast delivery

Online stores are there which have the variety of options of getting the right fridge for the right usage. Get it for your home or the party arena and make it the thing of attraction even among your guests. It is thus not only a valuable addition to your home but also a nice complimentary thing for your guests. So make it the decision to buy it one. Order it online and get the mini fridge at our home delivered even before the next party starts. Thus notice who are feeling jealous about your new possession of the mini bar fridge

Music to Treat Phobias Sydney

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A phobia is nothing but an intense anxiety as well as fear of a particular thing, or one or more situation or place. Phobia or phobias are commonly affected men, women and children of all ages and types and possibly in all walks of human life. You as an individual can have a certain phobia for anything, any place or any of the situation, but some of the common phobias are snakes, birds, dogs, worms and more and some of the situational phobias are heights, crowds, etc. There are also other phobias like thunder, fire, blood or injection-related phobias and so on. 

Treatment of Phobias in Sydney
We most of the time see individuals at different clinics with all kinds of phobias, especially the phobias have been mentioned above. While the exact thing or the precise cause of the different types of phobias may vary, but all phobias can share several features, for example, phobia related to snake or thunder, dread as well as panic. This type of phobias can be of psychological symptom and a good clinic phobias Sydney can help you or your member in a family or friend who has this type of phobia. 

Common Symptoms of Phobias 
Most of the time it is seen the people suffer from phobias increase heart rate, speed up the breathing rate, upset the stomach and start feeling muscle tension. These may or may not be the common symptoms, but according to the phobia experts, these types of symptoms are quite relevant with the candidates suffer from phobias. The phobias can be different, but symptoms or the phobias may vary from person to person. People with such phobias mentioned above recognized that their fear or irritation in some situation that persists with phobias are intense and they start rejecting object. 

Cognitive Behavior and Phobia
There are many treatments available on phobias, and usually, the common one is cognitive behavior therapy, one of the most popular therapies is music therapy that is widely using to treat phobias, Sydney. This type of treatment is an alternative type of and not a treatment of medicine means. Phobias and cognitive behavior are highly connected. Most of the experts believe that when people have a phobia they might suffer from the cognitive disorder. This type of cognitive disorder is more or less connected with certain phobias. So you need to look after that while thinking of phobic treatment. 

How to Treat Phobias with Music
Many specialists believe that music can treat or help people suffer from different phobias. Music can be used as a great way of expression and realize the fact experts in music using it as a therapy for patients suffer from phobias. One of the most important things, before you start implementing music to reduce or treat the phobias, is that how and what music the person have phobia likes, according to that you need to impose it. It is seen that the sufferer of the phobia and therapist work together to get the best possible result.   

Naturopathic Theraphy: Steps for Handling Stress with Your Music Gigs

Anxiety can be a noteworthy reason for restless evenings when your body is dependably in the red zone. .your body does not go off to rest effectively. This issue can lead numerous men and ladies to wind up less proficient at work. To counter this issue, you can simply accomplish something unwinding like visiting a Sydney naturopath before you go to rest. Possibly the treatment will be a shower or listen to your most loved music can put you to rest without pondering your burdens. 

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What is stress?
Stress is a difficult issue; it can be created by any major or minor occasion in your life. Sadness impacts your rest gigantically. Generally awakening route at a young hour in the morning, and afterward discovering yourself amidst disarray can lead numerous to end up frightful of going to bed. To take care of this issue, you ought to attempt to see a Sydney naturopath or go out for a stroll, or swim. When you do a lot of activity endorphins are discharged in your body. After a considerable measure of activity, your body will feel tired, and you would rest gently.  Read more: Handling Stress properly
Another component that impacts your rest is an excessive amount of liquor, caffeine or nicotine. These are all genuine components which impact your rest. You ought to maintain a strategic distance from these since they all trigger different wrong hormones in your body. They all make you go to rest at various times. It is best to abstain from having these, rather have more advantageous home grown teas or invigorating showers. 
Menopause is another issue which causes uneasiness around evening time, steady hot flashes; sweating makes you not go to rest. You will wake up commonly in the night which impacts the nature of your rest. To evade this, you ought to dependably have nourishments which are rich in phyto osteregons and chick peas. Menopause can be a troublesome time for the ladies, however, ensure you look for the right direction to make a smooth move. 
Because of anxiety or eagerness, pregnancy ladies feel deadness in their legs. This can badly influence their rest, to maintain a strategic distance from this you ought to have a go at rubbing your legs with olive oil before going to rest or almond oil. Ensure you have enough iron to maintain a strategic distance from this issue. Now and then the fretful legs are brought about by the antidepressants you are taking. So ask your doctor an option.
The above are the treatments that will be prescribed by naturopath when you visit them.
The main thing that they will emphasis on will be music and to listen to your favorite one. Listening to music will relax your mind and body and help you to come out of depression. The naturopathic way of treatment relies more on the use of common natural items than medicine. Following them, many chronic issues can be solved, and one can live a free and healthy life. 

Smooth Music to Listen While Cleaning the House

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Everyone loves to see his or her home clean as well as tidy. Maintaining the hygiene of the home is not one day task, and you need to provide time to clean your clean as well as healthy. After managing family, kids, job and social life, it is impossible cleaning home properly.  There is no shadow of a doubt that cleaning home or office is a tedious task. So, the smart option is to appoint professional and experienced cleaners rather cleaning by your own. Professional cleaners only offer quality service as well as fast cleaning without missing any detail. You will get only best result in cleaning when you contact with top notch cleaning service provider in your locality. 
Advantages Hiring Cleaning Professional
The best part of hiring professional cleaners is standard cleaning service even at the odd corner at your home or office. Professional cleaning service providers like commercial cleaning Brisbane are skilled, experienced and fast at their work.  They always go for double checking while cleaning home or office to provide flawless cleaning.  When you are thinking to call cleaning services for your home or commercial area, only call professional cleaners, because cheap cleaners can clean your home, but the cleaning quality is never assured. Let us uncover the benefits of hiring professional cleaning services at a glance. 
•    You will get assured cleaning service in a short period of time.
•    Professional cleaners use only environment-friendly cleaning solution.
•    Professional cleaners have all the equipment that is necessary for perfect cleaning. 
•    You will get all your furnishing and other stuff at the same place after the cleaning service.
•    You can channel your energy into creative work. 
You can get all these advantages to clean your home or office premises by professional cleaners. Why are you waiting for? Call your local cleaning service today and enjoy benefits of calling professional cleaning service.  
Go for Best Cleaning Package
If you are thinking how to get the best professional cleaning service for your home or commercial place, then you can search online. There are hundreds and thousands of cleaning service providers who can offer the best cleaning for you. You can make a call and contact to get best cleaning service. Most of the cleaners offer cleaning plans to their clients. If you find hard to choose the right cleaning package for you, then you can take their help. Professional cleaners always ready to help their clients as they know better what plan suits your need. You can take pleasure of listening music when professional cleaners clean your home.

True love never runs smooth [music]
Why Only Professional Cleaning Service?
You can get lots of cleaning packages to choose your one. Professional cleaning companies like commercial cleaning Brisbane build cleaning packages in this way that they can meet the necessity of clients without missing anything. You are assured to get mental peace as well as safety while you choose professional and certified cleaners. All professional cleaning service providers are bonded and insured, so you do not need to worry about the safety of your belonging. Top notch cleaning companies only hire trustworthy and experienced employees after strict background checking that they can ensure the safety of their clients belonging and only provide top class cleaning service.